Reflection papers should be a thoughtful, evaluative analysis of the many factors that affect assessment and curricular planning for students with moderate to severe disabilities. The outcome of the reflection papers is to voice a proactive assessment and curricular development that is equitable and relevant for the students, families and school communities.

Reflection Paper #1 Alternative Assessment
Discuss what you feel are the strengths and limitations of the alternative assessment process? Who takes alternative assessments and why? Based on your readings from Alternate Assessments Based on Alternate Achievement Standards: Policy, Practice, and Potential describe your experience with Alternative Assessments, as well as what validity arguments are posed regarding alternative assessment? Where is the State of Maine presently with the use of Alternative Assessment Process and aligning the Personal Alternative Assessment Portfolio with state standards? What can Maine learn from the use of the Alternative Assessment System implemented in another state that was described in Section II of your readings? Where should we go from here with the use of the Alternative Assessment process in the state of Maine?

Reflection Paper #2 Self Growth Analysis
The purpose of this question is to provide an opportunity for you to examine and reflect on your growth in this course. Please discuss the areas in which you feel you have made the most growth during the past semester. Include information, specific methods/strategies, and concerns that have made the greatest impact on you. Your grade will be based on the depth of your discussion, the synthesis of class discussions, lectures, guest speakers and readings, the clarity of expression and the use of correct spelling and grammar.