Here you will find information on transition assessments. Several power point presentations created by different states and educators have been posted. Compare and contrast power point presentation definitions of transition assessment, their reference to laws, examples of different types of transition assessments, case study examples, etc. During out last class, we will discuss transition assessments and information from the Browder text on this topic.

Transition Assessment Information Handout

Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Guide
Above is a link to the Age Appropriate Transition Assessment Guide from the National Secondary Technical Assistance Center. In my personal opinion, this is one of the best resources available on transition assessment. It answers the below questions and provided examples of formal and informal transition assessments.

  • What is transition assessment?
  • Why conduct transition assessments?
  • How do I select instruments?
  • How do I conduct an age appropriate transition assessment?
  • Sample Instruments
  • Informal Assessment
  • Formal Assessment

Transition Assessments for Students with Significant Disabilities

This handout is from the Colorado Department of Education. It provided a nice summary of transition assessment, how it is used in transition planning for a student's IEP, career/vocational assessment, a diagram of the six categories to consider when assessing a student for transition planning, and the importance of family involvement.

Power Point Presentations on Transition Planning and Transition Assessment by Different Authors

This presentation focuses on student strengths and the discover process for transition planning of students with significant disabilities. There are is a nice example in this presentation. The presentation is by Lori Turim and Cheri Sylla from Wisconsin.

This presentation is from Georgia's Department of Education. It covers transition planning, transition assessment, transition components of the IEP, and writing measurable post-secondary goals based on assessment.

This presentation focuses on transition assessment and planning. The author provided some examples of different kinds of transition assessments such as the Transition Planning Inventory, Enderle-Severson Transition Rating Scales, Brigance Like Skills Inventory,Life Center Career Education Knowledge Battery, and Life Center Career Education Performance Battery.